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tim sharp - personal training & bodybuilding for Harlow, Essex

Bodybuilding and personal training services for people living in Harlow. If you seriously want to improve your physique and live in the Harlow area, talk to Tim Sharp about how you can improve your diet and exercise regimen. You can really make the most of your body's potential. Tim's methods like his 60 Day Training & Diet Plan, or his Six Pack in Four Weeks programme are proven to help reduce fat and increase muscle dramatically in the shortest possible time. Celebrities like Jodie Marsh trust Tim with their personal training routines when time is at a premium, and they need to get the maximum return on investment of hours spent in the gym.<br><br>Tim works in at the exclusive Sharpbodies private PT Rehab Studio, in Brentwood and has clients who travel from all over the UK and Europe to train with, following his training and diet routines. Harlow is within easy reach of his Brentwood Studio so to make the most of your training and diet plans, call Tim on 07803 765369 or 01277 725000, or click in the header of any page to email for more details.

Photo from Featured Project near Harlow
Tim Sharp 2009 25

Tim Sharp`s methods have changed the lives and bodies of countless clients over the years.<br /><br />Searching relentlessly for better training and diet methods, food supplements and lifestyle regimens, Tim`s workshop and laboratory is his own body. <br /><br />Nothing gets built into a client`s exercise programme or diet until Tim is happy that it works, and for a personal trainer, there is no better way than to try it out on yourself.<br /><br />Tim`s bodybuilding competition successes are a monument to his dedication to this cause and his fastidious preparation and work ethic. All of this is reflected in the results achieved by Tim`s many personal training clients, who stick with him to achieve the shape, physique and condition that they want from their bodies.<br /><br />Call Tim now, or click in the header of any page to email him for an honest appraisal of your bodybuilding potential, and start the ball rolling towards achievement of your physical goals.
Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach Services Provided in:
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  • CM20
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  • Personal training
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  • Coach
  • Mentor
  • Exercise
  • Diet
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  • Weight loss
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