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tim sharp - personal training & bodybuilding for Hadleigh, South Benfleet, Thundersley, essex

Bodybuilding and personal training services for people living in Hadleigh. If you seriously want to improve your physique and live in the Hadleigh area, talk to Tim Sharp about how you can improve your diet and exercise regimen. You can really make the most of your body's potential. Tim's methods like his 60 Day Training & Diet Plan, or his Six Pack in Four Weeks programme are proven to help reduce fat and increase muscle dramatically in the shortest possible time. Celebrities like Jodie Marsh trust Tim with their personal training routines when time is at a premium, and they need to get the maximum return on investment of hours spent in the gym.<br><br>Tim works in at the exclusive Sharpbodies private PT Rehab Studio, in Brentwood and has clients who travel from all over the UK and Europe to train with, following his training and diet routines. Hadleigh is within easy reach of his Brentwood Studio so to make the most of your training and diet plans, call Tim on 07803 765369 or 01277 725000, or click in the header of any page to email hadleigh,_south_benfleet,_thundersley@sharpbodies. for more details.

Photo from Featured Project near Hadleigh
2018 Services

<p>Train with Celebrity Trainer Tim Sharp at Sharpbodies Private 1-2-1 Training Studio in Brentwood Essex or if you prefer Home Training we train clients in the Essex area in the comfort of your home<br /><br />Tim Sharp has been seen on The Active Channel, ITV2 and Dmax. As one of the most successful and sought after Personal Trainers in the UK you’ll be getting expert advice to guide you to your goals. In weeks not months.<br /><br />Contact us now to book 07803 765369.</p><h4></h4><p>Sharpbodies offers you the very best Personal Training here`s what we can offer you;<br /><ul><li>Biomechanic Assessments</li><li>Advanced postural assessments.</li><li>Postural injury assessments.</li><li>Movement pattern assessments.</li><li>Flexibility ROM assessments.</li><li>Body fat composition testing.</li></ul><br /><ul><li>Ladies and men`s Bodybuilding</li><li>Men`s 6 pack transformation</li><li>Competition preparation diet, training and posing.</li><li>Beginners core ab training</li><li>Advanced core ab training</li><li>Corrective Postural Exercise.</li><li>Static Stability.</li><li>Dynamic Stability.</li><li>Endurance Training.</li><li>Strength and Power training</li><li>VIPR Training</li><li>Bosu Training</li><li>TRX Training</li></ul><br /><ul><li>Advanced individual nutrition design.</li><li>Progressive Exercise and fitness program`s.</li><li>Older adult exercise plans </li><li>Sports Specific Conditioning</li><li>Football Stability/Strength/Power</li><li>Swimming Beginner</li><li>Swimming Advanced </li><li>Triathlon Stability/Strength/Power</li><li>Marathon Stability/Strength/Power</li><li>Golf Beginner</li><li>Golf Advanced </li><li>Basketball Strength/Power.</li><li>Cycling Stability/Strength/Power</li></ul><br /><ul><li>Special population exercise </li><li>Per post natal exercise</li><li>Older adults 50-70</li><li>Hyper kyphosis</li><li>Arthritis</li><li>Shoulder rehab</li><li>Back rehab</li><li>Knee rehab </li></ul><br /><b>Terms and conditions</b> <br /><ol><li>Appointments cannot be made without pre-payment first only then will the appointment be booked and confirmed.</li><li>You must give 24 hours notiyce if you need to cancel. A full 1 hour fee cancellation charge will be made if you fail to give me 24 hours notice.</li><li>All appointments must be prepaid to confirm booking only then will an appointment be made. Once booked, 24 hours notice must be given if you wish to cancel.</li><li>All appointments are 55 minutes.</li><li>All Block bookings have a 6 month expiry time.</li><li>THERE ARE STRICTLY NO REFUNDS AFTER PAYMENT IS MADE FOR ALL BLOCK BOOKINGS IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.</li><li>If an appointment is cancelled without 24 hours notice and you refuse to pay Sharpbodies the cancellation fee and adhere to term No.2, I reserve the right to terminate my services immediately.</li></ol><br /><b>Qualifications </b><br /><ul><li>Master Diploma Personal Training</li><li>Diploma Personal Training</li><li>Sports Injury Therapy Diploma</li><li>Older Adults Certified Trainer</li><li>Exercise to Music Certified</li><li>Fitness Trainer Certified</li><li>Pre Post Natal Certified</li><li>Circuit Trainer Certified</li><li>Biomechanics Testing</li><li>Kinesiology Assessment</li><li>Nutrition Certified</li></ul><br />30 Years Experience <br />Fully Insured £10,000,000.00<br />30,000 Documented One-to-one sessions. <br /><br />Tim Sharp has trained over 3,000 clients over the last 30 years as a Personal Trainer. I have helped Celebrities, National Athletes, British and World Champion Bodybuilders and International athletes achieve their goals. Personal training is a personalised plan for you to realise your true potential. Over 30 years i have transformed men and w,en and achieved their goals in weeks. You can see these amazing clients on my Active Channel TV shows on YouTube or watch the Tim Sharp YouTube channel.<br /><br />Tim Sharp MA PT Dip.<br />Sharpbodies PT Studio<br />Regus<br />3 The Drive<br />Jubilee House<br />Brentwood<br />CM13 3FR<br><br>Tim Sharp Bodybuilding Competition History 1993-2010<br>1993 NABBA London Novice Champion and Overall Champion<br>1994 Novice NABBA British Championships 6th place<br>1999 Musclemania European Championships 5th place<br>2001 EFBB Stars of Tomorrow 70kg 1st place<br>2002 BNBF British Championships 78kg 80kg 4th place<br>2006 UKBFF South East 70kg 4th place<br>2006 BNBF Southern Championships 70kg 2nd place<br>2006 BNBF British Championships 70kg 6th place<br>2007 BNBF Southern Championships Over 40`s Masters 2nd place<br>2007 BNBF British Championships Over 40`s Masters 4th place<br>2009 Southern Championships 3rd place and qualified for 2009 British Championships<br>2009 Masters over 40`s Welsh Championships 3rd Place <br>2009 BNBF BritishChampionships Finalist<br><br>Call us now on 07803 765369 we`ll help you achieve you goal.</p><p></p>
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