Tim Sharp, Personal Trainer - Football Functional Strength 2/3

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Prior to initiating this phase of training the you MUST demonstrate adequate core stabilization strength and neuromuscular efficiency.
In the strength phase of training the emphasis is placed on the outer unit musculature and improvement of strength as well as neuromuscular efficiency.
The acute variable in this phase are:
REPS: 8-12
SETS: 2-4
TEMPO: 3-2-1/2-2-2 5
REST: 30-60 sec.
The following exercises can be performed in the circuit training fashion for greater caloric expenditure.

Football Functional Strength

Warm Up
Start your warm up by foam rolling to loosen up the adhesions, then increase the tissue temperature with your favourite peace of cardio equipment for 5-10 min. Follow with active stretching. NOTE: The fitness professional should and MUST first perform an assessment in order to determine what areas should be stretched.

Cardio Program
Activity Intensity Duration Comments
Elliptical 60/79% HR Max OR 6-7 R.P.E. 20-40 mins Traditional cardio could be substituted with speed ladder drills.

Summary Of Program
Activity Type Sets Reps Duration Tempo Intensity Rest
Tensor Fascia Latae – Standing Flexibility 10 4 sec
Adductor - SMR Flexibility N/A As Needed
Rhomboids - SMR Flexibility N/A As Needed
Tensor Fascia Latae – SMR Flexibility N/A As Needed
Adductor - Standing Flexibility 10 4 sec
Chest – with stability ball, kneeling Flexibility 10 4 sec

Chest Press - Overhead 2 Arm Split (Free Motion) Exercise 3 12 3-2-1 70% 60 sec
Barbell Row: Bent Over Exercise 3 12 3-2-1 70% N/A
Dumbbell Row: 1 Leg (Progression 1 - Alternate Arms) Exercise 12 3 3-2-1 70%
Squat - Cable Press (Transverse) Exercise
Dumbbell Shoulder Press: Split Stance (Progression 2 - 1 Arm with Rotation) Exercise 12 3 3-2-1 70%
Squat - Overhead with Barbell (Progression 1 - with Weight) Exercise 12 3 3-2-1 70%
Squat - 1 Leg On ½ Foam Roll Exercise 3 12 3-2-1 70% 60 sec
Jump Down With 1 Leg Stabilization Exercise 3 10 2 sec. hold upon landing B/W 60 sec
Lunge Jumps (Progression 1 - medicine ball chop) Exercise 10 3 As fast as possible B/W
Speed Ladder - Skiers Exercise 3 N/A As fast as possible Expolsive 60 sec
Dumbbell Chest Press – 1 Arm on Stability Ball Exercise
Speed Ladder - Ali Shuffle Exercise
Cool Down
Same as warm-up. if you see your your knee internally rotate during the workout you should include an adductor stretch in your clients cool down). The purpose of the cool-down is to slowly decrease the heart rate and overall metabolism, both of which have been elevated during the exercise session.
This helps prevent any sudden pooling of blood in the veins and ensures adequate circulation to the muscles, heart, and brain; as well as preventing delayed muscle stiffness, soreness, and reducing any tendency toward post-exercise dizziness or fainting.