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When you take a look around today's gyms, you will see a vast selection of resistance and cardiovascular equipment designed to take our bodies to the very limit of their capabilities.

A instructor or PT may promote the use of resistance machines by stating that they will enable the client to fatigue individual muscles within the completely safe and stable environment, allowing these muscles to generate maximum force of which they are capable.
The first thing that springs to mind is "Why would you want to do that?"

What happens when Doris Smith 63 years of age gets out of her car with a carrier bag in one hand? She will be performing a twisting single legged squat with and asymmetrical load! You wouldn't dream of performing that movement in the gym would you? Yet People perform these movement patterns on a daily basis when they are outside the gym, with little or even no conditioning or preparation. That's how my training benefits you in the outside world! and not just in the gym.

So ask yourself this, is your exercise program actually benefiting you? How are you measuring the results? is your daily life improved by what you do in the gym?Evidence today proves it is not!

  • 75% of adults have a problem with their weight.
  • 50% are genetically predisposed to gain weight.
  • 25% are obese.
  • 15% are need medical intervention for their weight problem.
So are 1000's of gyms, a million diets, low fat foods, miracle drugs and workout videos making our nations slim lean and fit? 'that will be a big no then!Armed with all this new machine technology, fad diets and the vast array of information available on exercise and nutrition we still are seemingly having little, if any impact on the population. ?What most people are doing in gyms is clearly not working, yet ?persist in following the same old program design and food advice in the hope they will change. If it hasn't worked in 4 weeks in wont work ever! So why are we so overweight, unfit and obese now what has changed?
Well a huge part has been the change in our diet from nutritious food, to a over processed,nutrientless mega calorie diet! 'my diet for you is based upon sound low glycemic, non processed foods, that naturally make you thin! check out my pictures!Also the training that i prescribe and teach is very different. Here's why.

Many years ago 40, 50, 60 and even a 100 years ago exercise was very different. Exercise was good old fashioned, squat, military press and deadlifts. Exercises that train your body to stabilise itself, thats good for your abs and back! But in in the 1970's machine based exercises have dominated the industry, when Artur Jones invented the variable camshaft for his 'Nautilus' range. 'the use of machines allows almost anyone to fatigue a specific muscle or movement in the safty of a supported environment, there by making stabilising muscles weaken and weakening the joint and jeopardising the very integrity of the joint.

In the 80's bodybuilders caught on to this and since then all program design has been machine based in a vain attempt to look like these ripped gods!The body is designed to move as one unit in order to displace and distribute stress over as many joints as possible. 'this reduces the harmful forces suffered by your musculo-skeletel system. 'training the body in isolation will develop strength that can only be duplicated in isolation, therefore go no way to preparing you for every day life, improve your posture and build a truly functional strong powerful body.

For life! My training's progressive and adaptive nature builds an incredibly fit toned body whether you are 21 or 71. 'my oldest client David who is now a fit 69 year old has spent two years with me, arriving on crutches crippled with a back injury. 'today he did 21 minutes for the 5000 meter row and his personal best in his dead lift! A testament to my holistic training, well done David.
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