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Image: 1143 - Tim posing at the 2019 BNBF Welsh
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Image: 1284 - Tim Sharp Places 10th Over 50 in the 2019 BNBF British
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Image: 305 - Jodie Marsh, Bodybuilder
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Image: 794 - Tim Sharp 2009 08
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Image: 398 - Jodie Marsh, Bodybuilder
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Poor technique in gym workouts coupled with bad posture is epidemic in today`s gyms. People rush through workouts with no idea or appreciation of what they want to achieve. So I focus not just on exercise posture but daily 24 hour posture, how you stand, sit and even sleep. positions of daily living (PDL`s). We now focus on range of motion and movement pattern assessments. Checking flexibility and the body`s movements through the kinetic chain during movement is key to understanding the structure of the fitness program I need to design you. The neuro-muscular system is made up of slow twitch and fast twitch muscles each having a different role to play in the body. We can break these down into, phasic, tonic and mixed muscles.

Nerve impules get to tonic muscle first before phasic, because of there lower excitability threshold. This means that put under faulty repetitive loading, tonic muscles shorten and phasic muscles weaken thereby causing bad posture, weakness and in short very little results in a gym setting. This directly affects your posture, overall body strength and your chance of future injury. The lower back especially can be injured, you then enter the pain spasm cycle. Poor postural position leads to increased muscle activation, increasing muscle ischaemia, then muscle reflex contraction, equals pain!

Lower back pain is on the increase and understanding the muscular relationship between core and lumbo-pelvic stability is key for me to eliminate your back pain for good. Stabilising the sacro-iliac joint by increasing form and forced closure through corrective and core training techniques is employed. Increasing the structural integrity of this joint through the ligamentous structures that increase forced closure, particularly the sacrotuberous ligament and the long dorsal sacro-iliac ligament. A workout designed from these assessments of your body, will give you incredible abdominals and a pain free lower back for good.

Here`s a exercise program example from my tv show 6 pack in 4 weeks with Gareth Dix. This will strengthen core, and rehabilitate back injuries. Cut and paste link into your browse.

So this initial core phase is paramount importance. Core stability provides central body control and allows you to generate power maximising the efficiency of your muscular effort. Its the ability of your trunk to support the work and effort from your arms and legs. Then muscles and joints can perform in their safest, strongest and most effective positions. Remember you are only as strong as your weakest link, so if your weak link IS your core you will need to train this specifically.

After the breathing assessments diaphramatic breathing is taught to correct incorrect breathing patterns so clients breaths correctly during exercise and all day in fact! This initial stage of postural correction is known as weak link activation. The transfer of forces from the extremeties transfers to the core efficiently. Bad posture promotes faulty force transfer and predictably injury, weakness and lack of performance. From this foundation program you can now progress through the energy systems, movement patterns and planes of motion to give you THE most effective workout ever. After this you can experience the awesome endurance, strength and power integrated fitness programs I utilise and design uniquely for you.

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Image: 496 -
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Image: 150 - The powerhouse Kevin, transformed his physique fast 11.11.08
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Image: 1171 - Background Images from the 2019 BNBF Welsh
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Image: 1180 - Background Images from the 2019 BNBF Welsh
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