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A mega busy day at Sharpbodies Personal Training. The brentwood studio had 8 personal training clients today, which is a record for a bank holiday. Motivated clients.

This is my 30th year professionally helping people in the gym. This has led me to reflect this weekend on all the amazing things and people I've met and helped over the past 30 years. Personal Training now is a huge business and Sharpbodies as a company is on its 14th year. Before that for 14 years I owned the brentwood gym Bodyfitness previously the Pumping Iron gym which I bought in March 1988 for what was then a huge amount of money! Yes freehold property where expensive even in 1988.

My love for the sheer fact of helping people, the passion, the feel good feeling I get as strong now as it was in 1987. That year saw my first personal training instructors job, all for £3 an hour and a free gym membership! I'd gone from 126lbs in 1984 to 180lbs in 1987 and helping people from knowledge I'd gained from Champions in the gym, my qualifications my own study.

The point is now Sharpbodies Personal Training, Rehab and Sharp Nutrition Supplements have given and are giving me incredible success, income and happiness. Above all this is the same passion today excitement I had 30 years ago for £3 an hour. I'm hitting the gym harder and heavier than ever.

Over 30 years people rush into the fitness industry expecting money, fame and fortune without staying power, only to find that passion to be the best over years to be the best you can be. Stay focused be the best you can be. It took me 9 years to win a Bodybuilding show then compete for 15 years. My experience as a Personal Trainer now spans 30 years and people are travelling from all over the country and Europe to visit me. This blows my mind every day.

So, that's why I will be motivated tomorrow in the same way I was 30 years ago. Stay Sharp and visit Sharpbodies

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