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We have new offers on my personal training transformation packages! The Amazing Abs, Luscious Legs and Stacked Upper Body are unreal.

I’ve tweaked diet and postural assessments to go through an even more thorough process in assessment stages. Then on to my unique training regime that will make your abs look amazing in weeks. Like mine in my 12 Week Transformation where I lost 50lbs. I am now one of the top bodybuilders I’m the Uk again!

We sell the best and most effective Sharp Diet Whey Protein Powder and our incredible Fat Burners. Call us now for free delivery in Essex.

It’s busy! After my success in last weekends Welsh Championship things have gone crazy. The amount of well wishers, media and new clients contacting me has been overwhelming. Thank you to everyone who has supported and continues to support my journey to my 6th Mr Britain.

It’s amazing to think 9 months ago I was 14st out of hospital and now I am one of the top bodybuilders over 50 in the UK.

I’m full on training for the southern UKDFBA Championship in 37 days where I will be harder bigger and leaner.

My supplements that power my success are 100g Sharpbodies Diet Whey a day. 30g Sharpbodies BCAA A DAY. Also my Sharpbodies Fat Burner I use 4 a day. I’m leaner than I ever thought possible at 52.

Day 2 back at training for UKDFBA Southern Championships in 37 days. I’m pushing harder than ever to improve my package. I will be bigger and leaner. I will weigh 142-144lbs this time with 3-4% bodyfat with a harder look.

I’ve assessed my carb up for weeks Welsh success I’ll be tweaking this process in 37 days to come in granite hard. It’s also 12 weeks until I compete at my 5th BNBF British Championship.

A big thank you to John at Factory Gym in Witham Essex where I train Sharpbodies clients and I’ve prepared for my 2019 season. Also great thanks to Adrian at Old Iron Works Gym Maldon Essex for their support and for use of their gym for Sharpbodies Personal Training Clients. 2 great gyms in Essex you must visit.

So first day back to Sharpbodies Personal Training after my amazing success at the BNBF Welsh Championship. I’m now qualified for my 6th British Championships. Before this though I am competing in 40 days at the UKDFBA Drug Tested Southern Championships.

It’s incredibly busy at sharpbodies with 43 bookings this week. So we have moved into bigger offices at our Brentwood base. We just put our furniture and all our new pictures up! Especially love our new picture of me and Frenchie from 2009 Welsh Championship. It was so Good to be at 2019 Welsh BNBF Championships and place 2nd out of 12 athletes. My return to the bodybuilding stage went so well even if Frenchie wasn’t there I know she’d be proud of me.

Sharpbodies Nutrition is selling the New Diet Whey and Fat Burners that I have used for my contest preparation to get from 20% bodyfat to 4%! You can get results like this to. Call us now.

This Sunday 30th June at the BNBF Welsh Qualifier I placed 2nd in a very tough line up of 12 overs 50’s competitors. I have now qualified for my 6th Mr Britain Finals!

I started preparing last November the day I came out of hospital I weighed 190lbs. I now weigh 142lbs and 4% bodyfat.

My products have powered my success I am 52 years old look and feel better than ever.

Follow my journey to the biggest natural drug free bodybuilding show in the country in September. My next competition before this though is the UKDFBA Southern Championship on 10th August.

It’s been 10 years since my last competition which was at the 2009 BNBF British Championships and 2009 BNBF Welsh Championship. I have trained 7 days a week, twice a day since I left hospital on 21st November 2018. I weighed myself that day at 192lbs. I am now 142lbs. My Diet Whey Protein and Sharp Fat Burners have helped me get results beyond anything I thought was ever possible. I am 4% bodyfat and I am 52.

It’s been an incredibly tough week diet and training. The carb depletion to prepare me for my carb loading for 3 days to glycogen loads muscle cells, while sparring potassium cell loading and decreasing extra cellular water on outside of muscle cells. Basically a full round ripped look.

As ever this Sunday’s competition is for me a way to improve myself as a bodybuilder and a person. You learn something about yourself every time you compete. Not just physically and physiology but mentally. I own and run Sharpbodies Personal Training. That’s a busy tough job I love. But more importantly my family is my first priority that means my daughter Yasmin who is my number one inspiration in my life. Her talent, drive, hard work and ability stuns me. It’s makes me push harder in all aspects of my life.

Sunday is the next stage of my bodybuilding journey and that journey never ends. You are only limited by your lack of imagination. I visualise myself onstage everyday. Just like my first competition 26 years ago, I love the incredible things a human body can do and look like. As a kid I dreamed of having a ripped muscular body I could be proud of. In 2019 and 52 years old I am very proud of the way I look. I live the life 24/7 to achieve my goals. But I will never stop trying to improve and Strive to push myself to new heights. After 215 days hard diet and training Sunday is nearly here.

Yes I am 142.5lbs 4% bodyfat the lightest leanest, most ripped and best I have ever been in my 27 year bodybuilding stage career. My results are from hard work, my incredible Sharp Diet Whey and Sharp Fat Burners! I have lost 53lbs in 30 weeks. 20% bodyfat to 4%!!

My stats. Chest 43 inches. Waist 28 inches. Bodyfat 4%. My Best Bodypart Quads.

I am ready for my first bodybuilding show in 10 years. I am competing at the fully drug tested BNBF Welsh Championship 30th June that’s in 4 days. I am also competing at the Drug Tested UKDFBA Southern Championship 10th August.

I’m looking forward to competing again. I’m in my first year back into Natural Drug Free Competitive Bodybuilding. I now have a goal to try hopefully qualify for the British Championship this year. Hopefully!

If you want a lean body fast you can by my Diet Whey Protein and Fat Burners from my online shop.

If your at the BNBF Welsh Championship this weekend come up have a chat. It’s been 10 years since I’ve stepped onstage. I realise what I am. I am a Bodybuilder. I love Bodybuilding and on Sunday I’ll show you what I’ve done in the gym for the last 10 years.

27 years ago I won my first bodybuilding show. This Sunday I return to the stage. Whether I come last or first I am the best that I can be on that day. The best day I’ll be back in the gym improving for my next competition in August.

Here we go. In 14 I step onstage again. I walked of state for the last time in 2009. I decided to concentrate on my daughter, work and my television commitments.

Now after 8 months preparation I am returning to the BNBF Welsh Championship. The BNBF is a drug tested organisation I started competing in 2002.

My return to the bodybuilding stage is so important to me. I think in 2020 my stage body will be really complete solid ripped. This year is my first year back. My body is lean. I have lost 50lbs in 7 months. I have gained 10lbs with help of my Sharpbodies Nutrition Line. I use Sharp Diet Whey, Sharp Fat Burner and Sharp BCAA! This stuff is incredible tried tested by me!

So follow my last 14 days let’s hit that stage.
The picture below is 22nd November 2018 - 16th June 2019 today!

Here an example of my diet. Bare in mind I am a competitive bodybuilder. Blood Type A and Mixed Oxidiser under Metabolic Typing.

Water intake daily - 4.5ltrs
Meal 1
10 Egg Whites
60grams Oats
25g Sharp Diet Whey
Sharp Fat Burner 2 Capsules

Meal 2
25g Sharp Diet Whey

Meal 3
200g Turkey
Large Salad
10ml Udos Choice

Meal 4
25g Sharp Diet Whey
5 Rice Cakes

Sharp Fat Burner 2 Capsules

Meal 5
200g Turkey
Large Salad
10ml Udos Choice

Meal 6
10 Egg Whites
25g Sharp Diet Whey

The picture below is 21st November 2018 - 16th June 2019 today!

The countdown is on for what is my biggest challenge i have ever faced. To return to the bodybuilding stage after 10 years away from the sport.

My Preparations are in the last stages now. Bodyfat is now 4%. My bodyfat last November was 21%! I’m utilising my whole Sharpbodies product range to enable me to achieve my best condition in 27 years of competitive bodybuilding. I am and will be in my best ever condition!

So on the 30th June I will step onstage at the BNBF Welsh Championship which I last did in 2009. In 18 days I will be the best I have ever been that was my goal. Where I place has never been important to me BUT I have qualified and competed in 5 British Championships so the goal is to get to my 6th Britain!

Let’s get these last 18 days done!